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The Department of Radiotherapy at GCCC has been established according to the standards and direct support of top international medical institutions. Opened in June 2021, the department is committed to building the high ground of medical technology and care.  It will provide advanced radiotherapy technology such as proton therapy for cancer patients while also delivering high-quality service through international diagnosis and treatment processes.


International professionals and technical talent

At present, there are forty professionals in the department, including twelve oncologists, nine physicists and dosimetrists, ten therapists, and nine nurses. Five have senior professional titles and two deputy senior professional titles.  Two are master's supervisors and two doctoral supervisors. The core department leaders have overseas work and training experience.

2.Advanced international radiotherapy equipment and technology

The radiotherapy department will be equipped with the first Varian ProBeam proton therapy radiotherapy system in South China, with 4 rotating gantry treatment rooms; also 4 advanced linear accelerators Truebeam; 1 Ovo gamma knife; Varian brachytherapy 1 set; 2 sets of GE large-aperture analog positioning machine and 1 set of GE MRI analog positioning machine. It has advanced radiotherapy planning system Eclipse 15.5, tumor information management system such as ARIA and Velocity. QA quality control equipment will be equipped, including three-dimensional water tank, solid water model, relative dose measurement system, multiple dose measurement probes, absolute dose measurement system, equipment QA and treatment plan verification system, PBS special dose measurement system, etc. Able to carry out advanced proton intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMPT), photon intensity-modulated conformal radiotherapy (IMRT), volume-modulated conformal radiotherapy (VMAT), stereotactic radiosurgery/radiotherapy (SRS/SBRT) and three-dimensional posterior With advanced radiotherapy technology such as equipment, the proportion of precise radiotherapy will reach 100%.

The Department of Radiotherapy is equipped with the first Varian ProBeam proton therapy system in South China, comprised of four treatment rooms with rotating gantries. At the same time, it has four advanced TrueBeam linear accelerators, a head gamma knife, a Varian high-dose rate brachytherapy machine, two GE large aperture simulators, and a GE MRI simulator. These machines are supported through advanced radiotherapy systems such as Eclipse 15.5 and Velocity for treatment planning and ARIA for cancer information management. Quality control is assured through various equipment, including a three-dimensional water tank, a solid water model, a relative dose measurement system, multiple dose measurement probes, an absolute dose measurement system, an equipment QA and treatment plan verification system, and a PBS special dose measurement system. Advanced radiotherapy technologies available in Department of Radiotherapy include intensity modulated proton therapy (IMPT), intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT), stereotactic radiosurgery / stereotactic body radiation therapy (SRS / SBRT) and three-dimensionally planned HDR.

3.High ground of Medical care

The radiotherapy department advocates the service concept of "patient-centered", realizes the outpatient model of "one doctor, multiple rooms", and solves the phenomenon of "queuing for medical treatment"; through the information sharing platform, establishes a one-stop settlement and payment, closed-loop online review process; Focusing on patients, providing accurate diagnosis and treatment services; taking JCI as the construction standard, starting from an international perspective, integrating domestic and foreign medical standards and concepts, setting up a personalized medical environment and process for patients and carers, and striving to create a good medical treatment surroundings. At the same time, we will create a multi-disciplinary cooperative diagnosis and treatment force, through the use of advanced methods (international remote), supplemented by case managers and volunteer support, to meet the multi-level needs of patients and bring high-quality medical experience to patients.

The Department of Radiotherapy advocates “patient centered” services through concepts such as "one doctor to clinic multiple rooms" and queue-free medical treatments. Through the information sharing platform, one-stop payment and closed-loop online follow-up are available. Patient centered care also focuses on providing accurate diagnosis and treatment services.  The department strives to create the ideal medical environment for patient and caregivers by beginning with an international vision, implementing JCI standards, and establishing a personalized medical environment. To meet the complex needs of patients, the Department of Radiotherapy promotes an environment of multi-disciplinary cooperation for both diagnosis and treatment through high-quality medical experience, internationally-oriented MDT, and support from case managers and volunteers.

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