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The Psychotherapy Department of Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center is committed to solving the psychological problems of cancer patients, providing psychological treatment, emotional relief, family relationship consultation and other psychological services patients and families in need, publicizing knowledge of mental health, preventing psychological problems, and promoting the mental health of family members.

Service scope

Psychological measurement: measure and evaluate psychological characteristics (traits) and development level. Using standardized psychological scale to measure psychological health, emotional state, ability, personality, memory of the help seeker for clinical reference.

Psychotherapy: apply psychotherapy techniques in individual treatment, family treatment, group treatment, to provide services to the personnel who have serious psychological problems and need systematic psychotherapy.

Public mental health education: provide mental health knowledge education to the masses through themed lectures, outdoor activities, network propaganda etc.

Psychotherapy techniques

Cognitive behavioral therapy: through the use of cognitive and behavioral technology, such as recognition of automatic thinking, evaluation of automatic thinking, role play, relaxation techniques to adjust patients' negative emotions, to help patients receive clinical treatment in a better state.

Intervention to meaning of life: meaning of life is a high-level psychological need, through thinking about the reason or purpose of individual survival, to find the direction and goal of life. Intervention to meaning of life is to improve the quality of life for patients from psychological level, help patients find the meaning of life, reduce frustration and despair, and improve the sense of meaning of life.

Mindfulness group: a group intervention method to enhance the co survival ability of patients with distress and improve the quality of life. It helps participants improve their awareness and perception of their current emotions and experiences, re recognize the current state or events, block the vicious circle of rumination, reduce the occurrence of negative emotions, and promote the generation of positive emotions, so as to adopt the attitude of self acceptance and non judgment, and finally improve the individual's perception sensitivity to the current state, Acceptance and compassion, weakening judgment attitude, improving mindfulness level, establishing positive emotion and stress management, alleviating anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain, sleep disorders and other symptoms, improving the quality of life of patients; It can also help participants enhance their attention, empathy and tolerance, and promote individual tolerance to emotion management and symptoms.

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