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Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy

Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is an advanced three-dimensional radiation technology developed in recent 20 years. It adjusts the beam intensity with the help of beam modulating equipment.  This treatment ensures that the high-dose treatment area is consistent with the shape of the tumor in three-dimensions and reduces the dose of normal tissue around the target area as much as possible.

As a high-precision radiotherapy technology, IMRT uses a computer-controlled linear accelerator to emit radiation to a malignant tumor or specific area in the tumor. IMRT can adjust (or control) the radiation intensity according to the 3D shape of the tumor to make the radiation dose more accurate. IMRT can also focus and apply higher radiation dose to the area within the tumor, minimizing the radiation dose to the surrounding normal tissue. This kind of radiotherapy needs to be carefully designed in order to determine the radiation dose intensity pattern most suitable for the shape of the tumor as defined by the patient CT scan. Radiation dose is maximized and the adjacent normal tissue are protected by converging multiple radiation beams toward the tumor target.

IMRT radiotherapy technology minimizes the dose to the surrounding tissues, so it is safer and has less side effects than traditional radiotherapy. At present, IMRT has been widely used in the radical treatment of malignant tumors but also can be used in the palliative treatment of cancer.

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