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GCCC join hands with CANCER EXPERT NOW as global partner

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International Consultation Services

CANCER EXPERT NOW 是汇聚了美国知名肿瘤专家的医生集团,是美国 肿瘤医学领域的权威组织,在国际上享有盛名。与全球各区域肿瘤协会和机构合作,打造了拥有 30000 多名国际肿瘤专家在线诊疗平台

广州泰和肿瘤医院牵手 CANCER EXPERT NOW 成为全球战略合作伙伴,将与国际一线肿瘤专家资源连接,为患者提供 72 小时快速预约国际远程会诊服务。通过在线会诊获得国际权威肿瘤专家的治疗意见,以期达到最佳的治疗效果。

CANCER EXPERT NOW is organization that brings together well-known international oncology experts, including the United States. It is an authoritative organization in the field of oncology in the United States and is well-known internationally. Cooperating with leading oncology associations and institutions around the world, CEN has built up an online educational and knowledge sharing platform with over 30,000 international oncologists.

GCCC join hands with CANCER EXPERT NOW as global partner, connecting international front-line oncologist resources and will provide patients and their physician with international expert information sharing services within 72-hours after appointment. Obtaining  opinions from international authoritative oncologists through online discussion for the best outcome.

Service available for

① 长期不能确诊的,或诊断不明确的
Remain undiagnosed for a long time or the diagnosis is unclear
② 目前治疗方案和效果不明显、不理想的
The current treatment plan and effect are not ideal
③ 国内医生建议要采取手术或其它创伤性治疗的
Domestic doctors recommend surgery or other invasive treatment
④ 多家医院诊断或治疗方案不一致导致无所适从的
Inconsistent diagnosis or treatment plans by different hospitals
⑤ 诊断为乳腺肿瘤 、胃肠肿瘤 、食管肿瘤 、肝胆肿瘤 、胰腺肿瘤,寻求更前沿的治疗方式

Diagnosed as breast tumor, gastrointestinal tumor, esophageal tumor, hepatobiliary tumor and pancreatic tumor, seeking for the most cutting-edge treatment recommendation

Cancer Expert Now has established cooperation with many institutionsand associations around the world

Cancer Expert Now Service Advantages



CEN International video 2nd opinion process

What you need to prepare for CEN international consultation

① 患者本人身份证照片或复印件
Photo or copy of the patient's ID card
② 病理诊断报告、基因检测结果
Pathological diagnosis report and gene test results
③ 影像检查报告及片子( 如有DICOM格式的光盘,可通过邮件 或者云盘分享 )
Image examination report and film (DICOM format CD-ROM by email or virtual cloud)
④ 近期的血常规、肝肾功能、心电图、肿瘤标志物
Recent blood routine, liver and kidney function, electrocardiogram and tumor markers
⑤ 手术记录、放疗靶区图、放化疗小结、既往出院小结、门诊病历
Surgical records, radiotherapy target map, summary of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, summary of previous discharge, outpatient medical records
⑥ “心脏起搏器记录本”、“PICC记录本”、其他记录本等
"Pacemaker record book", "PICC record book", other record books, etc
⑦ 患者目前用药清单及其他特殊检查资料
Patient's current medication list and other special examination data
⑧ 患者本人不能参加时,需用手机录一段患者的日常视频(体现患者目前的基本情况)

If  the  patient  is  unable  to  participate in discussion with the expert in person,  a resent video  of the  patient recorded by mobile phone is required (to show the current basic condition of the patient)

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