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The 2020 China Conference on Oncology (CCO) and the second annual conference of the Tumor Microenvironment Professional Committee of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, hosted by the Tumor Microenvironment Professional Committee and organized by Gu
A English journal ----Visualized Cancer Medicine (VCM), which was edited by Chaonan Qian , Francesco Pezzella, and Zhimin Lu, and hosted by Science Press, was officially founded on September 17, 2020. VCM is founded by Science Press affiliated Zhongk
From 29 to 30 March, 2019, the 2019 Chinese Hospital President Forum was held in Zhuhai City of Guangdong Province. Professor Chaonan Qian, President of Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center, participated in the forum on behalf of the Center.
This conference, co-organized by the Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center, covered numerous research hot-spots themed with the cancer research design and analysis frontiers, and achieved fruitful results. It is believed that Guangzhou Concord will be more
Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center (GCCC) was pleased to have invited Dr. Cynthia Powers, Executive Director of Projects & Operations for MD Anderson Cancer Network®, a program of MD Anderson Cancer Center, to share a talk on MD Anderson’s oncology nurs
In the morning of April 13, the 2019 Seminar on the New Progress of Modern Oncology Particle Treatment Techniques commenced in Guangzhou. The sponsor invited the participants, nearly 200 experts, academicians and industry peers, to visit the proton t
The 2019 MD Anderson Cancer Network Member Meeting(referred as "Network Member Meeting") was held in Houston, USA on October 10-11. On behalf of GCCC, professor Chaonan Qian, president of GCCC, Dr. Matthew Callister, co-president of GCCC and Jennifer
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