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Guangzhou Concord Medical Sci-Tech Innovation Center

In response to national strategies of building a science and technology giant, accelerating the implementation of medical innovations, and boosting the construction and development of cancer institutions, Concord Medical Group (“CCM”) established Guangzhou Concord Medical Sci-Tech Innovation Center (“CSI”).

By creating an integrated platform for medical industries and building an ecosystem for technological innovation featuring medico engineering cooperation, the CSI will empower enterprises with services such as top experts think-tanks, clinical research cooperation, and financial and carrier support. The CSI aims to be the first-class medical science and technology center, Hi-tech achievements conversion center, and trade center in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and even in the whole nation.

CSI will cover product R&D platform, simulation teaching and training platform, achievements conversion platform and technical service platform with main functions of leading-edge medical research conduct and product development, innovative technology incubation, and medical technology achievements conversion. It provides modern innovation infrastructure and research platform for innovative medical technology institutions, organizations and individuals, as well as better service to promote connection for all links of medical technology innovation.

CSI, located in Guangzhou (China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City), with an impact in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, will integrate formidable sci-tech innovation resources and capital advantage of CCM. At all levels of nation, province, and city, the four platforms mentioned above will be set up with concerted efforts from domestic prestigious medical research institutions such as Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, as well as international medical institutions with great reputation such as MD Andersen Cancer Center and Mayo Clinic.

The key priorities of CSI include:

Partnering with Academician Song Erwei of Chinese Academy of Sciences to set up Academician Song Erwei Workstation and build a State Key Laboratory as well as a clinical research platform. The Guangdong Key Laboratory of Cancer Genetic and Gene and the RNA Co-Laboratory of Guangdong-Hong Kong and Macau will move into the Workstation, focusing on tumor ecology and immunotherapy and RNA diagnosis and treatment research, and exploring new mechanisms and programs for tumor diagnosis and treatment for filling the gap of domestic technologies and improving effectiveness of treatment and care quality, so as to establish a high-end integrated platform for medical sci-tech research and innovative sci-tech conversion.

Product, education and research base will be set up, influential scientists and technical experts will be gathered, and particle technology, including proton, heavy ion, etc. will be developed in order to shorten equipment localization cycle time, to develop and improve hardware and software suitable for the local market and to cultivate a large number of radiation professionals in demand such as physicists, particle engineers, etc. with realizing precise tumor treatment as its core.

A big push will be made to develop artificial intelligence products used in the field of tumor diagnosis and treatment. Concerted efforts will be made to coordinate resources of upstream and downstream enterprises, to develop AI programs such as data mining, image recognition, modeling and cognitive computing focusing on clinical decisions, auxiliary diagnosis, treatment plan improvement, drug discovery and development, etc.

To set up a medical sci-tech collaboration and innovation center within Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, based on the Working Program of Drug and Medical Device Supervision and Innovative Development within Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. The platform will bring in international technology, device, drug and consumable material, as well as to promote the whole industrial chain of cancer related clinical diagnosis, training, research achievement conversion and new drug application to Guangzhou.

CSI is a major strategic institution of CCM. It will coordinate with all departments and institutions of CCM to form a "dual cycle" of tumor innovation services and medical technology development, and to build differentiated core competitiveness continuously. In the meantime, CSI will gather elements of innovation, lead and manage medical suppliers to carry out R&D project cooperation, and strive to develop into a leader in collaborative innovation of medical devices and pharmaceutical industry chains.

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