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Visualized Cancer Medicine Officially launched

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A English journal ----Visualized Cancer Medicine (VCM), which was edited by Chaonan Qian , Francesco Pezzella, and Zhimin Lu, and hosted by Science Press, was officially founded on September 17, 2020. VCM is founded by Science Press affiliated Zhongke Digital Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. (Zhongke Digital Media) and French EDP Company. It is published and distributed by Science Press, and organized by Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center. The editorial department is set up in Zhongke Digital Media and EDP company, and the editor-in-chief office is based on Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center.

VCM focuses on oncology medicine and intends to publish high-level oncology basic research, translational research and clinical research results with video evidence as the main findings, as well as review articles introducing recent progress in oncology with video, so as to promote the progress of oncology medicine and Improve the short-term and long-term overall survival rate and quality of life of cancer patients; At the same time, VCM is also the official journal of the Tumor Microenvironment Professional Committee of National Anti-Cancer Association.

VCM is a peer-reviewed international scientific journal. The three chief editors are: Professor Chaonan Qian, Chairman of the Cancer Microenvironment Professional Committee of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, President of Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center, Professor Francesco Pezzella, a well-known pathologist at the University of Oxford, and Professor Zhimin Lu, Dean of School of Translational Medicine, Zhejiang University. The editorial board team of VCM includes Professor Erwei Song, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Professor Ronald DePinho, Academician of American Academy of Sciences and former President of MD Anderson Cancer Center, Chairman of International Tumor Microenvironment Association, and Professor Yuval Shaked, Israel Institute of Technology, Professor Yihai Cao from Karolinska College in Sweden, Professor Musheng Zeng from Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, Professor Wei Zhang from Wake Forest Baptist in United States, Professor Zhesheng Chen from St. John's University in the United States.

The VCM LOGO was designed by the editor-in-chief and professor Chaonan Qian, and is composed of the three English letters of VCM. Its meaning is as below:

1、The path of medical development is tortuous and the progress is not easy to make, so the M character has many edges and sharp curves.

2、Medical exploration is full of fun, so V is like a happy bird flying.

3、Cancer research must comply with ethical requirements, so there are three border lines that define the scope of the research.

4、The C character constructs a researcher’s eyes with full attention, which reflects the highly professional and humanistic attributes of VCM.

5、Medicine is the vast ocean, so logo includes blue colour ; at the same time, it is also the protector of life, so logo includes green. Blue represents the vastness of knowledge, and green represents life full of hope.

As the three editor-in-chief said in their inaugural words, in the field of cancer research, people have found that medical processes and the processes of cell and molecular movement often contain a lot of information and prompt important meaning. Therefore, the foundation of novel scientific and technological publication platform like VCM which focuses on presenting medical processes, is a demand for the development of medical science and a new trend in the scientific publishing industry. Hopefully, VCM can develop rapidly through the joint efforts of all medical professionals, contribute to the conquering of cancer, and demonstrate the meaning of life.

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