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Quality Control of Clinical Researches: Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center Participates in the Chinese Hospital President Forum

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The 2019 Chinese Hospital President Forum, hosted by the Chinese Hospital Association, was held from 29 to 30 March in Zhuhai. It attracted over 2000 participants all over China. Except the main forum, there are six sub-forums, among which the sub-forum Capacity Building of Clinical Research in Chinese Hospitals was a new one.

With the increasing investments in clinical research and clinical medical centers, all presidents of tertiary grade-A hospitals are thinking about how to elevate clinical research capacities to prepare for the incoming clinical research tide. The Chinese Hospital Association puts forward the slogan “New Era, New Thinking and New Development”.

In the sub-forum hosted by the doctor Hongtao Zhao, Deputy Secretary of Chinese Hospital Association, many topics on hospitals’ clinical research capacity building were deeply discussed, and representatives including Yang Zhao, head of Medication Research Section, Medication Registration and Administration Department of State Drug Administration, and Yu Mao, Deputy Secretary of Chinese Hospital Association, delivered speeches respectively to emphasize the importance of hospital clinical research capacity building.

In this sub-forum, Professor Chaonan Qian, President of Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center, made a special report titled Research Data Backup, Management and Checking. After years of efforts, the international shared platform Research Data Deposit (RDD) (, co-built by Professor Chaonan Qian, President of Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center, and Professor Minghuang Hong and Doctor Jibing Li from SYSUCC, went online. It served as a great tool for researchers’ core data backup before the official publication of papers. In May 2018, the General Office of CCCPC and General Office of the State Council co-issued an article named Some Suggestions on further strengthening the construction of scientific research integrity and proposed a life-time liability system for researchers. The RDD aptly docks the national policy and helps eternally lock the published core data and ensure its traceability. With this platform, benefits of researchers can be guaranteed.

In this forum, Professor Chaonan Qian introduced the functions and using methods of RDD. This platform was favored by many participants, and Chinese Hospital Association planned to spread it in China. To our knowledge, Chinese Hospital Association has gained a free using right from Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center. In addition, Academician Jun Luo, President of Sun Yat-sen University hoped that the 10 hospitals in the Sun Yat-sen University system could use RDD platform to control research data quality.

Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center is determined to use RDD to strictly control future clinical research quality.

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