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【Breaking News】The team led by Prof. Shen Fu and Prof. Zuofeng Li will formulate guideline for the National Cancer Quality Control Center

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The National Cancer Center of China announced the approval results of the 2019 radiotherapy quality assurance guideline project on June 29, 2020.

The project “The Practice Guideline of Total Body Irradiation Technology", which presided by professor Fu Shen, a member of the Academic Committee of the Proton Center of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, the chief radiotherapy expert of Concord Medical Holdings Meizhong Jiahe Medical Group, and professor Li Zuofeng, the chief physicist of Concord Medical Holdings Meizhong Jiahe Medical Group and Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center, was finally approved after fierce competition.

Total Body Irradiation (TBI) is different from conventional X-ray irradiation and is part of the myeloablative pretreatment program to eradicate malignant cells. As an effective myeloablative treatment, it does not depend on blood supply, nor is it affected by changes in drug absorption, metabolism, biodistribution or hemodynamics.
For patients undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and bone marrow transplantation, total body irradiation acts as a "preparation agent". It improves the success rate of transplantation, with advantages of fast marrow clearing, obvious pretreatment effect, and effective killing of tumor cells in areas where drugs cannot easily reach.
Prior to this project, there is no TBI practice guideline in China. Therefore, the project of“The Practice Guideline of Total Body Irradiation Technology", which presided by professor Fu Shen and professor Li Zuofeng, has important clinical application value for the rational application of TBI technology in domestic radiotherapy institutions. In addition, the guideline also provide clinical guidance for domestic radiotherapy institutions with TBI technology development, including the  facilities and equipment required, personnel training qualifications, clinical process evaluation, and quality control standards.
The national Cancer Quality Control Center has been soliciting radiotherapy quality control guidelines from authoritative experts and top medical institutions across the country since 2018. Professor Fu Shen and professor Li Zuofeng are responsible for taking the lead in completing the the project of“The Practice Guideline of Total Body Irradiation Technology", which is of great clinical significance and will have a profound impact on the development of radiotherapy in China. All colleagues of Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center are deeply honored for it. The leadership of GCCC will fully support professor Fu and professor Li to carry out this major project that benefits the country and the people.
Congratulations again to Professor Fu Shen, Professor Li Zuofeng and their team!

Professor Shen Fu

Doctor of Radiation Oncology. He is currently the member of the Academic Committee of the Proton Center of MD Anderson Cancer Center in the United States, the deputy director of the Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Ion Beam Applications of Fudan University, the chief scientist of the key research and development projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, experts of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO) and many other national committees. After graduated from Fudan University Affiliated Cancer Hospital in 1993, he worked and studied for many years in MD Anderson Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins University Hospital Cancer Center, and Fox Chase Cancer Hospital. For more than 30 years of clinical work, he has focused on radiological diagnosis and treatment and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of cancer. He has rich clinical experience in cutting-edge radiotherapy technologies. He is especially good at new technologies such as protons and heavy ions.

Professor Zuofeng Li

In 1989, he graduated from Washington University with a doctorate degree in St. Louis, USA, majoring in system science and mathematics. In 2005, he was hired as a professor, director of clinical physics and chief physicist of the Proton Center of the University of Florida.
Professor Zuofeng Li is a medical physicist authorized by the National Energy Administration in USA. He is currently a member of the Steering Committee of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG), and has participated in the formulation of multiple radiotherapy regulations of  American Medical Physics Association.
As one of the top experts in the field of tumor radiotherapy all over the world, Professor Zuofeng Li presided over two USA National Cancer Institute research projects; he has published more than 130 international professional papers, and is an expert in editing and reviewing many international authoritative academic journals, including: "International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics", "International Journal of Particle Therapy", "MedicalPhysics" etc.

GCCC, a tertiary cancer center featured with proton therapy, is created by the partnership between Concord Medical Group (“CCM”) and Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center (“SYSUCC”), and is designed and built under the guidance of MD Anderson Cancer Center (“MDACC”). Situated in Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (“SSGKC”), one of the Guangzhou’s newest modern development district, Guangzhou Concord is not only the flagship cancer center project of CCM, but also among SSGKC’s fist batch of high-tech community medical services launched. The Center covers a land area of 50 acres, with a total construction area of 100,000 sq. Meters, and a planned beds of 400. Being one of the region’s key healthcare projects and as guided by the philosophy of providing quality cancer care services to Chinese patients, Guangzhou Concord shall be patients’ best companion in the fight against cancer.
Phase I of the center covers a construction area of 40,000 square meters and a planned beds of 66. Construction began in February 2017, and is scheduled for launch in 2020.

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