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Three Presidents of Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center were Invited to Attend the MD Anderson Cancer Network Member Meeting

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The 2019 MD Anderson Cancer Network Member Meeting(referred as "Network Member Meeting") was held in Houston, USA on October 10-11. On behalf of GCCC, professor Chaonan Qian, president of GCCC, Dr. Matthew Callister, co-president of GCCC and Jennifer Wilson, the nursing vice president of GCCC, attended the meeting.

The three presidents, relevant leaderships of MD Anderson Cancer Center and other network members conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on how to build an world-class medical institution in China.

Many leaders of MD Anderson, including president Dr. Peter Pisters, Mr. Deborah A. Kuban, vice president of MD Anderson Cancer Network Clinical Operation, Mr. Welela Tereffe, Chief Medical Officer, attended the meeting and delivered specified speech respectively. Dr. Peter Pisters firstly introduced the core philosophy of MD Anderson:

Our singular focus:  Making cancer history

Our organizing principle:  Serve the patient

Our culture:  Interprofessional and team-based

Our strategy:  Research-driven patient care

Our mission areas: Care, research, prevention, education

The advanced philosophy has led to impressive outcomes: more than 21,000 employees in MD Anderson at present; 45,000 new cancer patients each year; more than 1,250 clinical trials each year, and more than 10,000 patients participated in various clinical trials; The annual revenue in 2018 was 5.5 billion U.S. dollars; 863 million U.S. dollars was invested in scientific research in 2018.

President Dr. Qian of GCCC (the left), Co-president Dr. Matthew Callister of GCCC (the right), President Dr. Peter Pisters of MDACC (middle)

The speech of other experts at the meeting also presented some outstanding results. Taking colorectal cancer as an example, MD Anderson's diagnosis and treatment effectiveness (based on overall survival rate) is significantly better than the national average level. Their cancer control continuum will include prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment, quality of life management, and end-of-life care, involving multiple fields such as individualized diagnosis and treatment of cancer, molecular pathology, tumor prevention, and tumor genetics.

This meeting emphasize the importance of scientific research, as followings:

1)Research has been a top request for all members;

2)Research can provide patients with more opportunities of diagnosis and treatment

3)Research is the Market differentiator for MD Anderson;

4)Research is the basic requirement for MD Anderson Cancer Center to recruit clinicians;

5)Research can improve the quality of clinical services

6)Research projects can increase patient recognition of medical institutions.

Dr. Qian, president of GCCC ( the right), and Jennifer Wilson, nursing vice president of GCCC (the left)

After the meeting, MD Anderson organized a two-day training of professional clinicians for member units. The latest progress were combined with clinical case analysis to convey the latest clinical practice progress of MD Anderson, which was well received by the students.

MD Anderson Cancer Network

The MD Anderson Cancer Center (referred as "MDACC"), which has been ranked No.1 in the best hospital ranking in the United States for many times, aims to provide high-quality medical resources, advanced diagnosis and treatment, and high-level quality control standards for global  cancer patients. MDACC founded the MD Anderson Cancer Network, 17 certified members, 6 Partner members, 3 Associate members, and 2 Affiliates, most of which are American medical institutions.

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