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Guangzhou Concord Cancer Canter Became Chinese First Batch Non-public Medical Institution Member Unit of the Union for International Cancer Control

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Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center was approved as a member unit of The Union for International Cancer Control (referred to as UICC below), at the 2019 China Oncology Conference in Chongqing on August 17. GCCC was in the first batch of mixed ownership medical institutions in China to join UICC, also the second medical institution in South China to join UICC after Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center.

Academician Daiming Fan, Chairman of China Anti-Cancer Association (CACA), and Professor Anil D'Cruz, President-elect of UICC, awarded the plaque of UICC member units to Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center. President Chaonan Qian went on stage on behalf of Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center to accept the license.

Professor Chaonan Qian (fourth from left), the president of GCCC, received a UICC membership plaque

Professor Anil D'Cruz (left), the president-elect of UICC, awarded the plaque to Professor Chaonan Qian (right), the president of GCCC

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) was founded in 1933 and has 1,114 member units, which covering 171 countries and regions. It is the world’s largest non-governmental anti-cancer organization and one of the most influential cancer prevention and treatment academic organizations in the world. UICC cooperates with many cancer prevention and treatment institutions around the world, playing an important role in promoting global cancer prevention and treatment, and fostering professionals of cancer prevention and treatment. UICC has made great contributions to the global anti-cancer career.

Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center is a tertiary hospital specialized in oncology, established in the partnership with Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, designed and built under the guidance of MD Anderson Cancer Center. Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center will learn the advanced diagnosis and treatment standards, standardized medical procedures and safety quality control systems of international mature cancer centers, combine the experience of leading tumor centers at home and abroad, and adopt cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment technologies and international quality control standards to benefit Chinese patients. In the long run, Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center is committed to developing state-of-the- art technology and good patient experience, and benefiting patients with internationally synchronized advanced technology and people-oriented medical care.

At the beginning of its establishment, Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center was positioned as a leading international medical institution integrating clinical diagnosis and treatment, prevention, scientific research, training, and remote consultation. GCCC provides patients with appropriate diagnosis and treatment and nursing plans and course management assistance through a professional and efficient team, and an international quality standard system to improve the effectiveness of patient treatment and patients’Quality of Life during cancer journey. Obviously, the mission of Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center is highly compatible with UICC. After being awarded the license, President Qian said: “Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center will fulfill its mission and work with colleagues from all walks of life to vigorously improve the level of cancer prevention and treatment in the region. This is an important part of the implementation of the National Health Reform Policy and Health China."

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